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front interview preparation day 02


Typically I use Sublime Text with a local server.As I state in my work history I have been involved in a vast variety of dev teams,each with it’s own flavor.Most recently I worked at Aspect Software,a Microsoft shop,where I embraced IIS,Visual Studio,Team Foundation Server,Office 365,One Drive,Share Point and more.As an aside,upon employment I was issued a Windows Phone and found the interface very exciting despite the lack of applications built for it.

  • 我要攒钱买MBPR(我是头一回知道这是Macbook Pro,穷的bihe的。。。
  • 操作系统:Windows,linux;
  • 编辑器:Sublime Text,以前用过一段Vim,后来转到Sublime Text;
  • 浏览器:Chrome,Firefox;
  • 工具:Photoshop,Eclipse,Fiddler等;
  • 前段框架:Bootstrap,jQuery等;

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